AGAINST THE ODDS Mum planned her baby’s funeral after being told he’d be stillborn when her waters broke at 18 weeks… but gave birth to a healthy son thanks to advice from FACEBOOK

A BRAVE MUM who was told her baby had a one per cent chance of survival and had already started planning the funeral – told how she IGNORED advice to terminate and gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby.

Lucy Jones was urged to end the pregnancy based on statistics that predicted he could not survive after her waters broke at just 18 weeks but took to a Facebook support group to find the encouragement she needed to continue.

But the 31-year-old who teaches Maths at a high school in Tredegar, Wales, says although the odds stacked against him were “ridiculously high” she couldn’t give up hope.

For the first time in her life, Lucy refused to accept the statistics and miraculously the tot was born alive. Now aged one her baby boy has been given a perfect bill of health.

Lucy said: “As a mathematician, when they told me my baby’s chances were low the first thing I needed to hear was the numbers. When I did I was shocked.