‘My baby had meningitis but was given paracetamol… we hope NHS learns from his death’

The mother of a baby who died after doctors failed to spot meningitis today spoke of her hope that the NHS would learn lessons from the tragedy.

Abigail Hull, 38, an NHS manager, said she decided to share the story about her seven-month-old son Oliver to raise awareness of the dangers of the disease.

Oliver was sent home from Epsom General Hospital after being wrongly diagnosed with a sinus infection but died two days later.

Mrs Hull and husband Tom, 38, a civil engineer, have recently secured an undisclosed settlement from the hospital. They have raised funds for the Meningitis Research Foundation and Meningitis Now to find better vaccines and support raising awareness of the speed with which meningitis can kill.

Mrs Hull, from Banstead, said: “To lose your child to an illness that is both preventable and treatable is a tragedy. By sharing our story we hope to save lives in the future as people become more aware of the symptoms and of the impact this horrible disease can have. We have always wanted something positive to come from Oli’s death.”

An inquest at Woking coroner’s court last year concluded Oliver had received “wholly inadequate” care at Epsom hospital after being admitted on the night of May 23, 2014.