‘My baby had meningitis but was given paracetamol… we hope NHS learns from his death’

The mother of a baby who died after doctors failed to spot meningitis today spoke of her hope that the NHS would learn lessons from the tragedy.

Abigail Hull, 38, an NHS manager, said she decided to share the story about her seven-month-old son Oliver to raise awareness of the dangers of the disease. Continue reading “‘My baby had meningitis but was given paracetamol… we hope NHS learns from his death’”


Great Ormond Street’s been put on a pedestal it doesn’t deserve, says father of disabled girl treated there

The lonely death of Baby P was one of those moments that jolted the entire nation. That picture of the blond-haired infant in his blue jumper looking pleadingly into the camera became an iconic image, symbolising the horrors visited on those who fall through the fissures in society.

The death led to a series of inquiries, with social workers sacked and a doctor struck off. Four years on, the shockwaves still reverberate. Now they have rocked one of Britain’s most revered institutions. Continue reading “Great Ormond Street’s been put on a pedestal it doesn’t deserve, says father of disabled girl treated there”

Organ removal scandal widens

The row over the removal of organs from dead children deepened yesterday as it emerged that the practice had been routine at hospitals across the country.

Amid growing demands for a full-scale inquiry into the practice, eight of the top 10 NHS hospital trusts admitted removing tissue and organs from dead children without the parents’ express consent. Continue reading “Organ removal scandal widens”

Why doctors get it wrong about when you will die

Doctors use data and experience to give their best prognoses for fatal illnesses – but patients can live for months or even years. Here, a consultant explains why.

Ablind teenager with a brain tumour is at the centre of a UK court case that pits the hopes of his parents against medical opinion.

In February, doctors argued that the 18-year-old had no more than two weeks to live and that active treatment including chemotherapy and brain surgery would be futile. If his heart were to stop beating, he should not be resuscitated. Continue reading “Why doctors get it wrong about when you will die”

Blunders by doctors cost NHS £4million a week

Health service is paying out millions to compensate misdiagnosed patients.

The NHS is paying £4 million a week in compensation to patients who were misdiagnosed by doctors.

In the worst cases, where mistakes led to death or patients needing round-the-clock care, families have received £5 million each. But these sums do not include the extortionate fees charged by lawyers who sometimes try to claim more than 20 times the amount paid to patients. Continue reading “Blunders by doctors cost NHS £4million a week”

Sentenced to death on the NHS

Patients with terminal illnesses are being made to die prematurely under an NHS scheme to help end their lives, leading doctors have warned.

In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, a group of experts who care for the terminally ill claim that some patients are being wrongly judged as close to death.

Continue reading “Sentenced to death on the NHS”